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Korean Green Tea and Food Pairings

Updated: May 23, 2019

Do you typically enjoy eating cheese with a glass of wine in hand? Why not try pairing cheese with a cup of green tea instead? The pairing of green tea and cheese is a healthier alternative without the calories or alcohol content that wine has. Much like wine, green tea contains both tannins and astringency, meaning it pairs well with many different flavours of cheese. Green tea can be used to complement, contrast or enhance the flavour of many types of cheeses.

Similar guidelines for wine and cheese pairing can also be applied to tea and cheese pairing. A cheese paired with a wine high in tannins can also be paired with a tea high in tannins, and a salty cheese can either be paired with a sweet wine or sweet tea to complement its flavour. As a guide, green teas tend to pair well with Brie, Camembert, soft fresh cheeses or soft creamy cheeses. However, the pairing of tea and food largely depends on personal taste and preference.

The three main flavour profiles of green tea are vegetal (fresh and grassy), smoky (stronger) and fruity (light and fragrant), which pair well with milder flavoured food. Apart from cheese, the different flavours of green tea pair well with foods such as seafood, chicken, salad or even fruit such as melon.

Pairing the different flavours and aromas of tea with particular foods can add a new dimension to your dining experience, providing endless possibilities!


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