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Korean luxury matcha in a cup with wooden spoon

Matcha - $20

Multiple glasses of Korean matcha latte

Our top grade organic Korean Matcha is shade grown naturally in a bamboo forest in the Hwage Valley, Hadong.


The tea trees grow within the Jirisan National Park, amongst the bamboo forests and the pure water of the Sumjim River. Because of the steep hillsides the entire picking process is done by hand with meticulous care, along with the grounding into a fine powder.


This meticulous crafting results in a tea of great depth and intensity.


This is a ceremonial grade matcha for whisking; it can also be enjoyed as an iced tea or added to cold juice/smoothies. We recommend whisking to a smooth paste with a little warm water first and then diluting for an iced tea or to add to your juice. Cold extraction takes about 1 hour, use 4-5g per litre of cold water.


If you are looking for a luxury, smooth and delicate tasting Matcha, then this is for you.

Tasting Notes:

Wooree Tea Image for tea tasting

Smooth and creamy, with a natural sweetness and rich savoury notes.

How to Make a Good Cup of Matcha:

Wooree Tea Image for tea tasting

Make a fine paste with 10ml of warm water.  Add the remaining water and whisk vigorously in a M or W shape until a fine foam is created.

Wooree Tea Image for tea tasting

For the best infusion use 70°C (158°F) water.

Some people may prefer 80°C (176°F) for more a stronger flavour.

Wooree Tea Image for tea tasting

Use 2g of Matcha for 70ml of water.

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Our aim is simple:
To have everyone experience luxury Korean Tea, Centuries in the making.

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