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Luxury Korean Tea in a glass cup

Sejak & Daejak - $45

Luxury Woojeon Korean Tea in a glass cup

Experience the luxury green teas of Sejak and Daejak with our special combination.


This combination is perfect for those who want to try out these two teas without having to buy a large quantity of the more expensive Woojeon. Sejak is picked days after Woojeon and has a sweet, clean and extremely elegant,  gentle taste., nearly identical to Woojeon.  Daejak's has mild, sweet, with delicate vegetal notes for a smooth mouthfeel taste.

40g of Daejak and 20g of Sejak


Get your Sejak + Daejak combination and experience the true luxury of Korean Green Teas. 

Check out - Daejak Information: and for Sejak you can expect an elegant and smooth medium-bodied cup with a hint of floral and vegetal notes. Brewing information is the same as Woojeon as it is picked 2 days after Woojeon and has the same characteristics..


Our aim is simple:
To have everyone experience luxury Korean Tea, Centuries in the making.

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