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Korean Gaiwan with tomatoes

Korean Unglazed Gaiwan 

Onggi (옹기)  is Korean earthenware extensively used as tableware and storage containers in Korea. It includes both unglazed earthenware, fired near 600 to 700° C and pottery, with a dark brown glaze fired at over 1100 °C.


The origin of onggi dates to around 4000 to 5000 BC. The patternless earthenware is made with lumps of clay, and fine sand. The predecessor of Goryeo celadon and Joseon white porcelain, the black/red earthenware excludes any sand in its creation process. The earthenware's color is determined by both the iron content of the clay and the method used to fire it. 


 Choi Min-rok has recreated this style by using a clay that has a high iron content and putting the pottery in a fire box that can withstand high temperatures during firing, and then piled charcoal around it and closed the lid to allow the smoke to permeate the work. The tea cup is not glazed. 


A similar process is also used when creating traditional Korean roof tiles. 


Since it is a firing technique with so many variables, the artwork may differ from the photo.


Cup: Height 5.8 Width 8.5cm, standard ±0.5 cm. 

Saucer: Height 1.5 Width 10.2cm, standard ±0.5 cm. 


(Capacity 100ml ± 10ml). 


Handling Precautions:

It is not recommended to use a microwave oven, dishwasher, direct fire, or preheated oven.  There is a possibility of scratching when using a scouring pad.  Do not use detergent. 


 Precautions when purchasing:

All products are handmade by hand.  Depending on the production process, there may be differences in details such as color, size, and design. Each piece is unique. 


 Some black dots, bubbles, and bending are natural phenomena that may occur during the kiln firing process and are not defects.


 Exchange and Refund Notice:

Refunds and exchanges are not possible due to a simple change of mind, so please purchase carefully.

Our aim is simple:
To have everyone experience luxury Korean Tea, Centuries in the making.

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