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Simple Soju Cocktails

Soju has been the world's largest selling spirt for the last decade. Sojo is clear and colourless and traditionally made from grains of rice, wheat or barley. Sadly many of the modern producers replace rice with other starches such as potato or sweet potato.

Master the art of making your own simple soju cocktails at home with ingredients you might have at home or your local Korean food shop.

Soju Melona

A mix of my favourite Korean ice cream with Korea's favourite drink


1 bottle Soju

1 can Sprite

2 Melona Popsicles

Some ice

Blend this all together until it reaches a slushie consistency.

Soju Bomb

For those looking for a sweeter tase than straight soju try mixing two favourites, beer and soju, Soju bombs, or somaek as it's called in Korea. This could become your favourite.


2 shots of soju

Half a glass of beer

Soju Makgeolli

Two of Korea's traditional drinks combined to create that feeling of being in Seoul


2 shots Soju

3 shots Makgeolli

Ice cubes

Apple slices & cubes

Soju Cider

The freshest and simplest drink you can ask for this summer.


2 shots Soju

250ml sparkling apple cider

Ice cubes

Your choice of fruit (apricot, plum, pear, apple, etc)

You can chop your fruit and freeze them in an ice cube tray.


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