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Handmade luxury white Korean Vase
Handmade luxury white Korean ceramic

Handmade Korean Ceramic Vase 

Handmade Korean Plain White Porcelain Vase, Infusion Vase, Incense Holder


Hand crafted using traditional Korean ceramic methods. Perfect for a single flower, home infusion vase, incense holder, or a standalone item. 



  • Minimalistic design 

  • Handmade traditional ceramic by Kim Bo-bae

  • Delivers worldwide from Gangjin, South Korea



  • 4.5 x 3.1 in or 115mm x 80mm

  • Handcrafted by Kim Bo-bae - Korean Grand Master, Gangjin, Korea


Because our ceramics are handmade, each is unique and varies slightly in shape, color, and beauty marks. Any ceramics you receive will have its own story and may subtly differ from the pictures.

White handmade Korean vase

Our aim is simple:
To have everyone experience luxury Korean Tea, Centuries in the making.

Image of traditional Korean palace
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