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"I never knew green tea could taste so fragrant, sweet and smooth".    Jeremy Ng - Malaysia

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-   ABOUT OUR 2018 TOUR  -


Enter a world of both natural wonder and big city glamour.

Discover friendly people, a passionate food culture, cherry blossoms, tea and more tea, ceramics, historic sites and deep-seated traditions on this all-encompassing South Korean adventure. Meet rural people and city folk, chow down on local delicacies and world-class fare and explore the wealth of history and modern developments of this truly amazing nation.

Start - Meet at Incheon International Airport

Seoul for 2 nights for Royal Palaces and Cherry Blossoms

Icheon for ceramics & Cheongju for 2 nights 

Songhisan National Park for golden Buddha and hiking

Jeonju - Traditional Village, Ssanggye, the birthplace of Korean Tea - 1 night

Boseong & Geoje Island for 2 nights

Busan for fish market, Haeundae Beach, silk fabrics, temple - 2 nights

Gyeongju for Royal Tombs and National Museums - 1 night

KTX train to Busan, Seoul Station or Incheon International Airport


Ages - Min 20 - Group size - Min 1, Max 10
Dates: Mid April 2018

Why we love this trip:

Stay in a Seoul for a unique experience – home to 10 million people. Experience the majestic beauty of the cherry blossom trees and the royal palaces, the largest in Korea. Enjoy some of the best sushi and sashimi in Korea, and just wander thru the unique Korean retail experience of Insadong and Namdaemun, who knows you may see a K-Pop star. 


In the Songhisan National Park, hike/walk alongside the pristine river. You have the option to climb to the mountain top or just walk around the local shops. Whichever option you choose you will get to see the golden Buddha. We are very much in the country, along the way we see the beautiful rice terraces in the valleys, the family tombs on the hillside


Enjoy time to sit back and relax in the dramatic  island of Geoje, Korea's second largest Island. beautiful white sand beaches, dramatic coastline and towering forests – the perfect place to unwind and relax part way through the tour. Plus try some of the local sea food.

Tea, of course we will visit some great Korean Tea Houses and taste tea at the birthplace of Korean tea. We will pick some tea, and have a picnic in the bamboo forest with the tea trees. Learn about the different grades of tea that are unique to Korea.


Starting and ending in two of the country's largest and most bustling cities – Seoul and Busan – you’ll also be able to experience the dazzling future of modern South Korea.

Is this trip right for you?

This trip uses a mix of transport –  trains, private buses (majority of the time)and public buses. The trip covers a fair amount of ground to maximise your experiences, so be prepared for a few long journeys.


Subway travel in Seoul may not be entirely luxurious, but it's certainly one of the best ways to come face-to-face with its people. It's the fastest form of transport for locals, so take the chance to interact. Most of the time we will travel in a private bus.


This trip includes a mixture of free time and included activities, giving you choice and flexibility to explore what really excites you in Korea.


Seoul and Busan have much to offer, so that you can get straight into the highlights of Korea we only spend 2 nights in each, but we highly recommend booking additional nights here as these exciting cities have so much to offer.


As this trip visits remote and lesser-visited parts of Korea, some accommodation is only 3 star. This allows you get a true encounter of local life and experience Korean hospitality.


We donate 10% of all sales to Korean children
Cherry Blossoms and Tea Tour of South Korea 2018.



Breakfast and some Dinners (5) are included on this tour


KTX High Speed Train & Private Bus 


Hotel (10 nights)

Included activities

Entry to Seoul Royal Palaces