Wooree Tea's third harvest of tea comes from the Hadong region of south west South Korea. Hadong is recognised as the birthplace and the best tea growing region of South Korea.


Our tea is classified as semi-wild as the tea plants have self seeded from the original tea plants grown 1200 years ago. They grow within the Jirisan National Park, amongst the bamboo forests and the pure water of the Sumjim River. Because of the steep hillsides the entire picking process is done by hand with meticulous care.

This is one of our most luxurious of teas - If you are looking for a gentle, silky and subtle tasting tea with none of the bitterness usually associated with green tea - then this is for you.

Woojeon tea was picked towards the end of April, one of the first picks of leaves for the new season, hence the tea leaves are young and most tender, making this the "Best Value of the First Harvest" teas.

Woojeon - Green Tea - 40g

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  •  A sophisicated and discerning tea with none of the bitterness of other grades of green teas. A very delicate tea. Well worth the money.

    Sean Kim - Korea