Wooree Tea's Black Tea comes from the Hadong region of south west South Korea. Hadong is recognised as the best tea growing region of South Korea. Our tea is grown semi-wild in a bamboo forest to maintian the optimal daylight and humidity for the leaves.

Black Tea/Hwang Cha teas are more like oolongs in their wide percentage of oxidation. But since they are oxidized using different processes, they are not the same tea.

Korean tea makers have adopted and tweaked the Chinese "Yellow Tea" to complement their own processing methods and to make a unique brand of Korean fermented yellow/black tea. There is there is no clear understanding of it outside of Korea. It's not yellow tea or black tea according to ‘standard’ tea processing charts.


A gentle dusky, smokey flavour, a very unique taste, we know you will enjoy it.

Black Tea - Hwang Cha Tea - 50g

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