Our Korean Matcha is shade grown naturally in a bamboo forest in the Hwage Valley, Hadong. Our tea is classified as semi-wild as the tea plants have self seeded from the original tea plants grown 1200 years ago. They grow within the Jirisan National Park, amongst the bamboo forests and the pure water of the Sumjim River. Because of the steep hillsides the entire picking process is done by hand with meticulous care.


A big difference between Japanese Matcha and Korean Matcha tea is that Japanese Matcha is usually fertilized with nitrogen to increase the depth of colour and flavour.

Conversely, Wooree Tea's Korean Matcha tea is totally organic and is ceritified by both USDA and the EU.

Our tea master Yun Suk, is a third generation tea farmer and has won the Grand Gold Prize at Japan's World Green Tea Event many times since 2008.


If you are looking for a luxury, smooth and delicate tasting Matcha, then this is for you.


Korean Matcha 40g

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