Simple, Scientific and Efficient.

The Korean language is one of simplicity and efficiency, it’s evolution through the centuries is just remarkable and has lead Korea to become one of the most literate countries on the planet. But why is Korean considered so easy to learn? To answer that question we must explore the history of the Korean language and the key developments of the dialect.

The original Korean language was extremely complex to learn because of the use of Chinese characters to represent Korean sounds, because of this only the elite of Korean society could afford to be taught the language which left the majority of the population illiterate. However, under King Sejong the complex writing system was changed to the system used today known as Han’gul. This new writing system is made up of 24 letters, with 14 consonants and 10 vowels.

Han’gul is considered to be one of the easiest languages to learn in the world, especially to those who already speak English. This is due to the phonetic grammar that is found in the Han’gul version of Korean, the fact that many of the words sound as they are said makes it easier to understand and learn the language. Secondly, the use of feminine and masculine nouns doesn’t exist in the Korean language, the only reason the noun could change is when speaking with someone of authority. From these two points alone, the complexities found in learning other languages are removed and leaves the Korean language as an easy, but important language to study in the world we have today.

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