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Korean Islands - Jangbongdo

Wooree Tea Visits Jangbongdo Island - Incheon.

Jangbong Island, a beautiful island with the legend of the Little Mermaid, is a popular island trekking location, or you can go camping on the beach front or just relax and get away from busy Seoul. The ferry takes about 40 mins and makes short stops at Shin-do, Shi-do and Mo-do. Every year, it attracts many people who like trekking on this island.

When you arrive at Jangbong Island, I recommended you visit the ticket office first. There is a booklet with instructions on the trekking paths on Jangbong Island. The local bus will be at the terminal to meet the ferry.

Getting There:

To get to Jangbongdo you need to take a boat. Ferries leave from Sammok Passenger Terminal - Incheon. If using public transport from Seoul Station, get to Unseo Station and take a bus (204/307) to Sammok Passenger Terminal. This will take about 90 minutes from Seoul Station. The bus stop is very close to the terminal, the ticket office is on the concrete ramp next to the ferry. Make sure you get off on the correct island - Naver Maps is good to track your progress and find the best transport options. I would also suggest you take your lunch and something to drink - as there are limited eating options on the island.

What to do:

My recommendation is to take the local bus as far as Geoneojang Beach, i would not do the hike to the high point. It is quite a long way and when you get there you will be disappointed with the limited views. The trees have grown and block most of what must have been great views.

I would start walking back along the coastline to the ferry terminal, go for as long as you wish, you can always shorten the distance by linking back up with the local bus which takes you back to the ferry terminal. You can get a good mix of beaches, rocky coastline and country villages and farms. There is a walk from the ferry terminal which goes up to a high point overlooking the islands, i did not do this but may give you great views.

While waiting for the ferry there is a nice cafe with an upstairs area with great views. Worth a visit.

Check the tides, if you are wanting to take a swim at the end of your walk - the tide goes a long way out as i found out.

Jangbongdo is reasonably easy to get to, if you are looking to get out of Seoul for the day and relax in the countryside, i would recommend this trip.


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