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How you can make the world a little better?

Wooree Tea are on a mission: to bring the soft, sweet taste of luxury Korean tea to the world. It’s a big ask, as Korea produces just 0.1% of the world’s tea, and very little is exported, but for the past 9 months Wooree Tea have been doing just that from their base in Auckland, New Zealand. The teas they sell are all hand-picked and processed, and are shipped worldwide.

Now, they want to take the next step and expand their range to bring more varieties – first harvest green tea, Ballyocha/Hwang Cha, GABA, and powdered green tea (Matcha) – all from single estate farms in Hadong, to a wider audience.

Hadong is Korea’s best tea-growing region and where tea was first grown in the country in the year 828CE. Wooree Tea’s Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $3,000NZD to travel to Hadong in October, meet their local tea farmer and widen their search for the finest new teas.

But that’s not all. There’s a humanitarian cause close to their hearts as well. After all, Wooree Tea was born from a conversation about how to help the orphans of South Korea, efforts they continue through their store. 10% of all their sales go towards education for these orphans, and they’ve pledged to donate laptops for as many children as possible this year.

Their message to you: “Please help in whatever way you can, from pledging towards the campaign to simply sharing on social media.”

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