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Hiking Shinbulsan

Wooree Tea at Shinbulsan Summit

Shinbulsan is part of the Yeongnam Alps and is located on the far western side of Ulsan, extending into Gyeongnam province.

There a couple of options to get there - you can take the KTX to Ulsan Station, and then take the 323 bus. From there it’s a short walk to the trail head. Or you can stay overnight in Ulsan and catch a bus out to the KTX station. Be aware bus 323 runs only every 90 minutes, the return journey may not be the same as your arrival - don't panic.

At the start there is an information centre and also some rock climbing walls. Also plenty of toilets. Past the rock climbing wall is the start. There are many eating places and cafes along the road to the Yeongnam Alps Welcome Centre, if you have time after the hike check some out.

I hiked to Shinbulsan first, then onto Ganwolsan and returned back to the start. The return is via a concrete road. Makes for a nice end to the day. Plenty of water stations on the way down.

Most people do the hike in Autumn/Fall because of the tall reeds have changed to a brown colour - be prepared for large crowds out for their IG photos. This is between Shinbulsan and Ganwolsan.

I would recommend having the Alltrails app - makes life easier and ensures you are on the right track. The start can be a little tricky.

The hike up is strenuous, especially in the summer heat and humidity - but well worth it once you get to the summit. Amazing views across the mountain tops. The summit is 1105 meters high.

Overall, I really enjoyed this hike. The top of the mountain was pretty different from anything I’d seen. I’d say anybody in good shape could complete this course, but it’s not a good place to start if you haven’t done much hiking before. Some people add Yeongchuksan by doing Ganwolsan first - but this requires a different exit point.


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