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Harvest Time

Have you ever tried Ujeon Korean green tea? Chances are you haven’t, because it’s the highest grade of Jaksul green tea from South Korea that is extremely limited and rarely exported out of South Korea.

In fact, Jaksul green tea is divided into four grades, which are determined by the size of the tealeaves and the harvest times. So, what is Jaksul green tea?

Jaksul means “Sparrow’s Tongue,” so Jaksul green tea is also known as “Sparrow’s Tongue Tea.” This is because of the delicate shape of the tealeaves that resemble a sparrow’s tongue. Now, here’s how Jaksul green tea is graded:

1. Ujeon (Before Rainfall)

This is the highest-grade of tealeaves that is harvested before Gogu (the first rainfall), which is typically around April 20. Only the first shooting buds are picked and used for this grade.

2. Sejak (Small Sparrow)

The next grade of tealeaves is gathered before Ipha (the beginning of summer), which lands on around May 5. This batch includes two leaves and the bud at the tip of each branch.

3. Jungjak (Medium Sparrow)

While this is the third grade, it still fetches a high price because Jaksul green tea is grown less, making it a rare treat. Jungjak tealeaves are picked around May 20, which is also Soman (meaning grains are plump).

4. Daejak (Large Sparrow)

These lower quality leaves are usually machine-picked throughout Haji (summer), which falls on June 20.

Now that you know your tea and its harvest time, you’ll want to know how to steep your Korean green tea the proper way. Stay tuned for more on Wooree Tea.


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