Green Tea and Dark Chocolate

Tea and chocolate. The world’s most popular drink and its best loved confection. Seems an obvious combination, right? Perhaps it’s one you enjoy already. There is however an interesting and healthy alternative to the usual builder’s tea and chocolate biscuit, and that’s green tea and dark chocolate.

Tea drinking, especially in Korea, often focuses on purification and cleansing, and so dark chocolate, with less sugar than the milk varieties and more antioxidants even than ‘superfoods’ like acai berries, is the ideal complement. Taken together, the two have been shown to increase awareness while lowering blood pressure – great for calming, mid-afternoon focus.

How should you go about pairing green tea with dark chocolate? There are no hard and fast rules, so find types of each you enjoy and see how they work together. Lighter, fruity teas may provide a bold contrast with richer, more bitter chocolates – look for bars with 80% or 90% cocoa. Alternatively, 60% chocolates have the minimum solid contents to be considered ‘dark’, and these could go well with a smoky or grassy tea. Teas with nutty notes or a slight drying aftertaste may also suit a semisweet chocolate with a lower percentage.

The key, and half the fun, is in experimentation! There is a wide range of dark chocolates available, varying not just in cocoa concentration but with plenty of exciting added flavours as well, so the perfect accompaniment for your favourite green tea is out there somewhere. Happy hunting!

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