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Does the Blog have a Future?

Wooree Tea - Imperial Blend

We live in a world of now’s. Want to know what song is number one in America? Google doesn’t even let you finish the sentence. What about the latest celebrity gossip? Its already all over your newsfeed.

But can we believe what we read? Will that new super smoothie really make us lose ten pounds in a week?

Tea has not escaped the world of now.

Type “the benefits of Green Tea” into Google and thousands upon thousands of pages all vie for your attention. People clamour to know, will it really help me lose weight, will it cure heart disease and will it cure cancer. Unscrupulous sellers prey on those who are desperate for answers. Blogs like Reddit, Quora have been known to savagely attack people who sell these products, both the disingeuine sellers and those who are experts in the tea industry.

But can we believe everything we read on the internet? Between two blogs, describing the exact same tea you will hear a hundred different things ranging from polar opposite tastes, or one describing it as dense the other as light.

All that is about to change with the world of Instagram. Instagram connects buyers directly with growers and sellers. You can watch the tea evolve and grow from planting, harvesting, farm and table. These are the true experts, those who connect directly with the seller rather than those who are vying to gain free samples and products to promote on their blogs.

Wooree Tea is one of those such sellers, who believes that the customer should experience an authentic tea experience. Join Wooree Tea on Instagram and discover it for yourself.


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