We donate 10% of all sales to the local school.


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Our tea farmer, Yun Seok lives 10 minutes from the small village/town of Ssanggye, which has a population of 188. Ssanggye used to serve as a link between the traditional slash-and-burn famers of the Jirisan Mountains, coastal people of Yeosu and Namhae (50-80km down river) who traded their dried laver and anchovies, and the landsmen of Deagu and Yeongcheon (150km NE, as the crow flies) who sold tobacco and cigarettes. Now it is known for it's art's market and fabulous tea farms.

Part of its historical reputation rests on the romance, matchmaking, and marriage negotiations that took place here, for the young people of the region.  The flowers of the area for which it is also renowned bolster this facet.

Ssanggye suffers from the problem facing all small Korean agricultural towns, all the young people leaving for the bigger cities for education and job opportunities. With this in mind we have refined our original idea of helping orphans to helping the Ssanggye Elementary School, where the children of all the people who bring us this wonderful tea, start their education. Ssanggye Elementary School has a total roll of 33 children from Year 1 to 7. Who is better to decide how best to help the children than their teachers.

Aside from money, what else can we do? We are looking to take English books to the school everytime we visit, as English is very important within the Korean education system.

Working in conjunction with Yun Seok and the school we aim to make a difference to these children's lives, and hopefully they will return in later years to carry on the amazing tea skills of their parents.

Every time you enjoy a cup of luxury Korean tea, you are helping these children shape their futures. 


Ssanggye Elementry School
SSanggye Elementry School